Episode 321

Thursday, 01 May 2003

Episode Synopsis
A murder aboard a luxurious 747 and the discovery of two formally attired teens in the desert confound Grissom and his crew in this absorbing episode. First, a horse trainer is found dead in the cargo bay of a private jet carrying 12 well-heeled passengers and a million-dollar show horse. Initially, it appears the victim was trampled to death, but Grissom and Catherine uncover evidence of foul play. Meanwhile, in the Hell's Gate section of Death Valley, Sara and Warrick probe the apparent suicide of a 15-year-old boy found under a bedspread. The investigation intensifies when a girl's body turns up a half-mile away.
Written by:
Directed By:
David Grossman
Ratings Position: 1
Average Score: 7.12 /10
Number of Votes: 25
Eric Szmanda as Greg Sanders
Gary Dourdan as Warrick Brown
George Eads as Nick Stokes
Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle
Marg Helgenberger as Catherine Willows
Paul Guilfoyle as Jim Brass
William Petersen as Gil Grissom
Guest Starring
Arielle Kebbel as Blonde Teen
Cheryl McWilliams as Mrs. Confer
Christinna Chaucey as Lori Hutchins
Jill Noel as Jill Frommer
Jonathan Slavin as Jason Banks
Kate Houston as Girl #1
Keith MacKechnie as Co-Pilot
Lee Garlington as Mrs. Frommer
Lisa Wilhoit as Teen #2
Michael Lawson as Toby Wellstone
Michael Mantell as Dr. Stevens
Nigel Gibbs as
Olivia Friedman as Alyssa
Patrick Fabian as Rhone Confer
Susan Walters as Merrit
Title: Forever Promo
Size: 2.18Mb
Length: 37 Seconds
angela 27 May 2004  Vote: 9/10
this was a good ep
Erika 16 August 2004  Vote: 10/10
What a DAMN GOOD episode! I loved it. So awesome :D
mylaleighchenoa 22 October 2004  Vote: 10/10
I can't get the teen suicides out of my mind. It's so sad, the whole situation and the fact that in the end there was nothing they could do about the situation. I don't want to say anything to spoil it in case someone hasn't seen it, but it was so incredi
iluvnick 05 November 2004  Vote: 8/10
Interesting epi...
YM 28 November 2004  Vote: 10/10
After watching the teen suicide, I felt physically ill. And the sense of helplessness was terrifying. This is what good drama does, it causes emotional responses. Definitely great drama.
imi18 14 February 2005  Vote: 10/10
i liked the case with the two teens, the other one not so much...but it was really twisted, kinda creepy.i'd kill her mom, dumb b*&^%
James Corck 23 March 2005  Vote: 7/10
Heartbreaking for the boy and girl suicide and then the mother left them with their baby. The story of the female horse full of cocaine is not that interesting, even for the interesting root of the plot.
Silver 186 25 April 2005  Vote: 10/10
The one dealing with the horse wasn't that good, but the one with the two teenagers was a really good one. That mom was just horrible, to basically force your own child to commit suicide like that, that was creepy.
showhat 26 March 2005  Vote: 9/10
Very good episode ......but that mother that let her daughter commit suicide was kinda creepy.
CSI-Ballistics 12 May 2005  Vote: 8/10
Great episode but the ending to the case of the dead kids didn't work well with me. Horse case was good though, poor horse is all I gotta say. Hide that where? lol
csi_best_show 08 June 2005  Vote: 7/10
there wasnt cocaine in the horse it was diamonds
csi_fanatic_068 11 June 2005  Vote: 7/10
Romeo and Juliet all over again, huh? Only this time, the mom was the one who told her daughter to commit suicide... creepy! Imagine, doing that to your own child? <shudders> Not enough Nick, though...
Sunshine Fan 05 June 2005  Vote: 2/10
This episode was just boring. Very strange cases.
adri123 19 June 2005  Vote: 5/10
ok episode. Nick was lookin' good :)
emydragon 26 November 2005  Vote: 5/10
HAHA...Two plots that were not related at all somewhat confused me and scrambled my brain. Stupid rich people and the two deaths in the desert was pretty cool. Though I hate the mother..."Mum...mum...I dont wana die mum"
csicathwillows 26 August 2006  Vote: 5/10
the teen suicide thing was so sad, when she says she doesn't want to die. i didn't like this epi that much
leggo_my_greggo 30 January 2007  Vote: 7/10
the whole killer-horse-on-the-rich-n-fab-plane was kinda weird and so was the two teens who wanted to die was sorta weird--so overall...the WHOLE episode was freaky
Mrs. Brown 04 March 2006  Vote: 10/10
Great episode! The case with the teens was great...i kept thinking about it...the mother just let them die... the one with the horse wasnt so great...but i love horses, so...really great epi...Warrick was sooo cute with that baby!! lol
NotGuilty 17 March 2006  Vote: 7/10
So-so. I like the Gris/Cath and Warrick/ Sara teams. The plots weren't that interesting to me.
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