Episode 108

Monday, 11 November 2002

Episode Synopsis
Members of a suburban Miami family are found slaughtered in their house after a blood-drenched toddler is discovered walking around a nearby neighborhood. Four of the victims were shot to death, while a fifth, the father, was wounded in the back. The investigation reveals that the mother was suffering from depression.
Written by:
Laurie McCarthy
Directed By:
Dick Pearce
Ratings Position: 1
Average Score: 6.53 /10
Number of Votes: 19
Adam Rodriguez as Eric Delko
David Caruso as Horatio Caine
Emily Procter as Calleigh Duquesne
Khandi Alexander as Alexx Woods
Kim Delaney as Megan Donner
Rory Cochrane as Tim Speedle
Guest Starring
Albie Selznick as Hugh Young
Calvin DeVault as
Denice Duff as Audrey
Ingrid Koopman as Stephanie
Thomas Curtis as Timmy
Tom R. Hughes as
Wanda De Jesus as Det. Adell Sevilla
Title: Slaughterhouse Promo
Size: 1.9Mb
Length: 37 Seconds
sanderz_sweetie 21 December 2004  Vote: 8/10
Good...the dad was a total freak!! kinda disgusting.......
James Corck 23 March 2005  Vote: 10/10
Bloody, scary, and heart breaking...I can never forget this chapter. Also, David Caruso makes here his best performance.
imi18 30 March 2005  Vote: 10/10
absolutely loved it
Flick 20 April 2005  Vote: 8/10
A good episode although I wanted the baby and eldest brother to live
showhat 23 April 2005  Vote: 2/10
ok this is kinda a copy-off of blood drops from CSI:Crime! actually it is a copy off....you guys should get something original work....dont steal it and make it a tiny bit different.....
elizamatelli 17 January 2008  Vote: 10/10
This is my favorite CSI: Miami episode - ranks right up there with CSI Blood drops!
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