Episode 218
Live or Let Die

Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Episode Synopsis
Mac, Sheldon, Danny and Det. Flack's only witness is an unconscious helicopter pilot, but their initial clues lead the CSIs to suspect that the helicopter hijacking may have been an inside job. Meanwhile, the rape and murder of a restaurant hostess found in an alley shocks Stella and Lindsay when they discover that she anonymously engaged in phone sex with her patrons, leaving a suspect list a mile long.
Written by:
Pam Veasey, Michael Daly, Gary Sinise
Directed By:
Rob Bailey
Anna Belknap as Lindsay Monroe
Carmine Giovinazzo as Danny Messer
Eddie Cahill as Det. Don Flack
Gary Sinise as Mac Taylor
Hill Harper as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes
Melina Kanakaredes as Stella Bonasera
Ron Yuan as Dr. Evan Zao
Guest Starring
Billy Miller as Will Graham
Dana de Celis as Lillian Stanwick
Gill Gayle as Tony the Fisherman
Ian Reed Kesler as Ryan Elliott
James Stevenson as Dwayne Gessner
Joel Gretsch as Dr Keith Beaumont
Kevin Derr as Sean Hovac
Lina Esco as Angie Watson
Robert Joy as Dr Sid Hammerback
Seamus Dever as Charles Cooper
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Series: CSI: NY, Season 2
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