Episode 113
To Halve and to Hold

Thursday, 15 February 2001

Episode Synopsis
When a single human bone is discovered in the desert, Grissom and Catherine must cover miles of territory to find the rest of the skeleton. And Warrick and Sarah trace the death of a male stripper to members of a wedding party who may have celebrated a little too hard the night before the nuptials.
Written by:
Ann Donahue, Andrew Lipsitz
Directed By:
Lou Antonio
Ratings Position: 1
Average Score: 7.69 /10
Number of Votes: 26
Eric Szmanda as Greg Sanders
Gary Dourdan as Warrick Brown
George Eads as Nick Stokes
Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle
Marg Helgenberger as Catherine Willows
Paul Guilfoyle as Jim Brass
Robert David Hall as Dr. Al Robbins
William Petersen as Gil Grissom
Guest Starring
Bobby Giovinazzo as Robb
Christopher Jacobs as Luke
Dorie Barton as Meg Wheeler
Eileen Ryan as Mrs. Rose Bennett
Ele Keats as Joyce Lanier
Lisa Dean Ryan as Lynn Henry
Marcia Cross as Julia Fairmont
Palmer Davis as Margaret Finn
Pamela Gidley as Teri Miller
supercybergeek 29 March 2004  Vote: 10/10
Both stories perfect
ducky81 28 May 2004  Vote: 9/10
I love any case that invloves both Catherine & Gil in them. They are the ultimate paring !!! the Yin & Yang!!! Both matching each other so nicely !!!!
simonkilford 07 June 2004  Vote: 10/10
both stories perfect
Gregz_Grl 11 September 2004  Vote: 10/10
gr8 one!
mclouthkid 14 November 2004  Vote: 10/10
i liked this one, the ending was sad when grissom is on his date and she leaves when he is talking on his cell.
iluvnick 05 November 2004  Vote: 6/10
Great epi, but I've seen better.
CSIfan 19 March 2005  Vote: 10/10
he was with Terry but it was sad when she left.
thestar 29 March 2005  Vote: 10/10
what is with that teri lady? is grissom playing on sara?awsome epi tho. loved it
CSIK 04 April 2005  Vote: 7/10
Liked the case with the stripper, but there are better episodes.
showhat 18 March 2005  Vote: 9/10
who was grissom on a date wit?i missed it :(
csi_sk8rgurl 19 March 2005  Vote: 6/10
ahh this was alrite . . . had some pretty funny quotes though . . .
CSI-Ballistics 12 May 2005  Vote: 8/10
Overall it was ok but I felt realy bad for the old woman. And the case about the dead male stripper was alright though even I felt kinda sorry for the girl and her fiance. Best momment: Grissom licking a rock that might be human bone and Catharine's react
leggo_my_greggo 14 January 2007  Vote: 10/10
cath n griss cracked me up!!! i loved it with the lady and the bones n griss was clueless!! but i CRIED when they went out to eat and she left!!! griss can be the sweetest guy and then he can be a major butt! like whn he sad "no" to sara to out to eat in
NotGuilty 10 March 2006  Vote: 9/10
Very enjoyable.
csi_roxsmyworld 18 January 2007  Vote: 10/10
THIS WAS A GRET EP! i must say tho i cried in the end when terri left griss!!! and their prob never eat out again! i cried! but i hated it when griss said NO to sara whn she asked him out to eat! i threw a pillow at the screen and yelld: YOU SUCK GRISS! i
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