William Petersen

as Gil Grissom

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William Petersen
as Gil Grissom
Gil Grissom has been promoted from senior officer on the graveyard forensics shift to head of the Las Vegas Criminalistics Bureau. An investigator of the old school, with seventeen years on the job, Grissom eschews computer simulations and readouts for hands-on technique and legwork. CSI is his life. He supervises a team of very diverse professionals, and often goes to the wall to protect them from department interference – and sometimes, from the consequences of their own risky decisions, on and off the job.

Gil Grissom is played by William Petersen.

William Petersen came to this series with an extensive background in film, theatre and television. His television credits include the television films Long Gone, The Rat Pack, The Kennedys of Massachusetts, which won a Golden Globe Award, The Beast and Keep the Change, which he also produced.
His film credits include To Live and Die in L.A., Manhunter, Young Guy II, Fear, Cousins, Young Guns II, Hard Promises, and Skulls.He was also seen in the Dreamworks film, The Contender with Joan Allen and Gary Oldman.William made his Broadway debut in the revival of Tennessee Williams’ The Night of the Iguana. In 1979 he founded the Remains Theatre Ensemble in Chicago with a group of fellow actors. He has appeared in number of stage productions including A Streetcar Named Desire, The Time Of Your Life, Glengarry Glen Ross, Fools For Love and Speed the Plow.

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