Rory Cochrane

as Tim Speedle

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Rory Cochrane
as Tim Speedle
This round-faced, charismatic young performer was born on February 28, 1972 in Syracuse, NY to an Indian mother and an Irish father. He was the third child, following a brother named Brendon and a sister named Siobhan. A great deal of his childhood was spent in Grantchester, England, but he then returned to the US and attended LaGuaria High School of Performing Arts in NYC (in the drama department). While still a student, Rory was cast in a docudrama segment about drug use on "Saturday Night with Connie Chung" (1989) and briefly appeared in an episode of the ABC series H.E.L.P. (1990) that starred John Mahoney and Wesley Snipes.

Rory made his first, but ever so short, movie debut in the remake of "A Kiss Before Dying," (1991) before landing his first substantial role in "Fathers and Sons," (1992) as Jeff Goldblum's estranged teenage son. He went on to win critical praise as the perennially stoned, analytical Slater in Richard Linklater's ode to 70's suburban youth, "Dazed and Confused" (1993). During the filming of this movie, Rory was described by one of his costars as a "loud, bawling Irish drinker." He subsequently co-starred as the trigger happy biker in "Love and a .45," (1994) winning acclaim from Variety, for his "wild, hilarious and convincing" portrait of "varying states of paranoia, rage, treachery, delirium, and insanity." In Allen Moyle's "Empire Records," (1995) Rory played a record store clerk who lost over $9,000 in Atlantic City while attempting to save the jobs of his co-workers. That same year, he was seen on the festival circuit in "The Low Life" as a repressed Ivy League graduate attempting to start a career in Hollywood. Rory could also be found in the 1997 ABC TV mini series "The Last Don," where he played the Don's grandson, Dante.

Rory's career continued with an HBO movie, "Black & White," (1998) and two other independent films, "The Adventures of Sebastion Cole" (1998) and "Dogtown" (1999). He has also was seen in another film that came to a few theater in December of '99, when he costarred with Robert De Niro in "Flawless."

Some other films Rory has been involved in include "Sunset Strip," which came out briefly in August of 2000, "Prime Gig" (2001), "Southlander," and "Hart's War." He is currently filming the movie "A Whale in Montana" with Susan Sarandon and Robin Tunney and is a cast member on the new show, "CSI: Miami."

Somewhere in all of this, Rory has found time to date Renee Zellweger (whom he lived with for two years), Joey Lauren Adams (during the filming of Dazed and Confused), and Liv Tyler (for a year sometime after the shooting of Empire Records). He is also good friends with Ben Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix.

A few other interesting facts are that Rory travels quite often, is a chess player, and ad-libs some of his lines (including the famous Washington scene in Dazed and Confused).

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