Anna Belknap

as Lindsay Monroe

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Anna Belknap
as Lindsay Monroe
Born and raised in Damariscotta, a small town on the coast of Maine, Belknap graduated from Middlebury College and received her masters in fine arts degree from the American Conservatory Theater.

Most recently, she portrayed Lily in the 2003 drama series The Handler and has been featured in numerous guest spots on series including NBC's Law & Order.

Belknap is known to theater audiences in New York and Los Angeles for her roles in such plays as Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphoses and Darko Tresnjak's rendition of William Shakespeare's Pericles (for which she was honored with the 2002 San Diego Theatre Critics Circle Craig Noel Award for Outstanding Performance.)

In her spare time, Belknap loves yoga, camping, hiking and scouring thrift stores for old furniture. She lives in Los Angeles. Her birthday is May 22.
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