Jonathan Togo

as Ryan Wolfe

Cast Details
Jonathan Togo
as Ryan Wolfe
Jonathan Togo plays Ryan Wolfe, a police officer working towards his masters degree in genetics, and who Horatio hand picks for his team after being impressed by the young cop's intelligence and dedication.

Togo was most recently seen in the feature film "Mystic River" opposite Sean Penn. He previously starred on UPN's "Special Unit 2" and guest starred on "Judging Amy, " on the Network, "Law & Order," "Ed" and "The Jury."
Season 3 Episodes
305.  Legal
306.  Hell Night
308.  Crime Wave
309.  Pirated
311.  Addiction
312.  Shootout
313.  Cop Killer
315.  Identity
318.  Game Over
321.  Recoil
322.  Vengeance
323.  Whacked
324.  10-7
Season 4 Episodes
403.  Prey
405.  Three Way
408.  Nailed
410.  Shattered
411.  Payback
412.  The Score
413.  Silencer
414.  Fade Out
415.  Skeletons
416.  Deviant
417.  Collision
419.  Driven
420.  Free Fall
421.  Dead Air
422.  Open Water
423.  Shock
424.  Rampage
Season 5 Episodes
Season 6 Episodes
Season 7 Episodes
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