Carmine Giovinazzo

as Danny Messer

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Carmine Giovinazzo
as Danny Messer
Before his big break in CSI:NY, Carmine appeared in numerous guest-starring roles on television and in such films as "Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss," "For the Love of the Game," "The Big Brass Ring," and "Blackhawk Down." He also was a lead in his own sitcom for the 1999-2000 season.

With a passion for cinematic acting, Carmine continues to do films whenever he can. He co-stars with William H. Macy in "In Enemy Hands" which is set for summer release by Lions Gate Films. And he has a starring role with Freddy Rodriguez and Peter Dobson in the independent movie "The Red Zone."

A native New Yorker, Carmine grew up an athlete, pretty much playing them all on the streets of Staten Island and most seriously baseball and hockey. His first career choice was professional baseball, but after three years of college ball, he fell into acting after a serious back injury. As a kid, he always made short films, but remembers no particular time when he had the idea to start acting. "Before I knew it, I was running around Manhattan with a headshot and taking classes at HB Studios." He did several short films at NYU, SUNY Purchase and various independent films before he broke into the business. His family was very supportive; as they were happy he found another avenue for his talent after the disappointment of baseball. In 1997 he made the move to Los Angeles and connected with a manager. Not long after, he successfully landed his very first audition in LA for the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" pilot where he played a high school bad boy.

With his new television role as a forensic scientist, he calls on his family for advice as his father and sister were both NYPD officers. His character can be described as "passionate, with an urge to question all that is corrupt… a kid from the streets who studied and made good for himself."

Carmine is a talented artist who is not only brilliant as an actor, but who also has a passion for painting, poetry and playing guitar. As for the future, he eagerly looks forward to more film work. Writing and directing are other elements he also expects to realize one day. He currently has a project, "The Brink of Black" which has been ongoing for years… "A film that has a Cassavetes feel and Tarantino color," explains Carmine. He wrote and will be an actor amongst the ensemble cast. As for now, he has his hands full with the series.
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