Sofia Milos

as Det. Yelina Salas

Cast Details
Sofia Milos
as Det. Yelina Salas
When she is not shooting 16-hour days, Sofia loves hanging out with her close friends, talking, watching movies, and enjoying the simpler pleasures of life. She is also very spiritual, and is always studying something new, discovering herself and strengthening her craft. 'Knowledge is power, and to know, you must understand what it is you want to know,' she laughs. One of her main purposes in life is empowering those around her to achieve more than they thought possible. Obstacles stimulate me to do better, smiles Sofia. You have to decide what you want and love to do and then simply do it. Persevere. Don't give up. And always do more than what you thought is the best you could do. Live in the future with which you create your present. Create and exchange and don't forget to acknowledge yourself and others!
Season 1 Episodes
117.  Simple Man
118.  Dispo Day
119.  Double Cap
Season 2 Episodes
Season 3 Episodes
301.  Lost Son
305.  Legal
306.  Hell Night
312.  Shootout
313.  Cop Killer
Season 4 Episodes
416.  Deviant
417.  Collision
419.  Driven
420.  Free Fall
421.  Dead Air
422.  Open Water
423.  Shock
424.  Rampage
Season 5 Episodes
501.  Rio
522.  Burned
Season 6 Episodes
Season 7 Episodes
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